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Paul Bell

Chris is one of our beloved artists at the Penn Street Gallery. He lives locally to us and is a talented and prolific artist who our vistors and collectors love.


Abstract art is saying something without actually saying it. It is a different way of looking at the world and at objects, and undoubtedly allows the artist to express his or her deepest emotions through mark making and colour.  Abstract art in Britain has always had a mixed press, mainly because few people understand it, or are prepared to understand it.  Essentially it might be summed up in three words: Non-Representational Art.

Many of the greatest abstract artists - Picasso being a prime example - began by producing strictly representational art, but by a process of elimination arrived at abstraction. Of course this is a mighty simplification, but when you consider all the 'isms' -  Abstract Impressionism, Cubism, Constructionism, etc, etc, you can see the need for simplification.

Abstract painting, like modern art in general, has a language of its own which must be understood before it can be fully appreciated, rather than dismissed out of hand. Then again abstract art can simply appeal to the senses, often possessing that 'wow' factor - you either love it or you don't, irrespective of whether you understand it or not; it goes no deeper than that.

No one can question the integrity of Chris Sim's abstracts.  They stand on their own merit as works of art, and lead the viewer on an adventure, not found in representational works of art.  You make it what you will.  Each of Chris's paintings has a character of its own, one simply needs to tap into it.

Chris studied Art in Buckinghamshire in the early 80’s where he continues to live and work today.  Chris is one of the most important abstract painters in Britain today. His work can be found in collections throughout the UK and overseas.

We have framed work hanging proudly on our walls and larger, unframed works for your perusal in our viewing system.

It is also possible to view Chris's work in your home to guage the size, colour and fit to your environment whether it be in your home or office.

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