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Gabby Harman

Gem Rey is known for her work in the music industry. It is fair to say that music has literally taken her on a visual journey enabling her to have been fortunate to work alongside some of the most influential and talented artists of all time. Her photographic career began about 20 years ago with a diploma in photography which she studied for in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. During the pandemic, Gem created a film to help raise awareness for promoting good mental health in the music industry for the charity “Tonic Music For Mental Health”. This has been their most impactful film to date.

Art is life. With a passion for creating unique and powerful prints this is an exciting time.

Gem Rey has a growing collection of incredibly beautiful limited edition mixed media art pieces.

A note from the artist in her own words:


“The image itself is the true grit and the grain of the individual. The strength it takes to strive for what you believe in so your rhythm may be heard in all its rapture. The sparkle is the glitz and the glamour of perception; The illusion of fame and what it truly means to be ‘Rock And Roll’…”

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