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Stephen's Interview

Stephen Charlton is a renowned painter and sculptor based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Born in Newcastle, he eventually found himself attending York College of Art studying graphic design followed by a long and illustrious career as a design consultant to many global companies.

Having always had a creative instinct, Stephen never stopped doodling and sketching in his daydream times and at the age of forty, he created his first serious sculpture at home in his garage. Since that time he continued to play alongside his busy career, producing mostly animal sculptures that we see today – immortalised in his rough textured bronze style. Later, his expression to paint knew no bounds, using oils as his preferred medium because it too became a sculptural form with the texture and thickness of heavy impasto paint on both canvas and later, aluminium.

Today, you will find him in his studio at an old brick factory in the countryside and in the afternoon, attending meetings and presenting creative brand solutions for his demanding clients. This work/life balance is one that fuels his desire to deliver energy wherever and whenever it is required. Some days, he's off to install sculptures in gardens that may necessitate climbing dizzy heights in trees to private underground garages to install automotive artwork. Wherever he is, the challenge of the new and the opportunity to collaborate with clients and the public keeps the fires burning within and an eye on the horizon.

See Stephen's full interview here.

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